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Wow. I feel like you’ve just written my story, from a masculine perspective.

As long as we keep pointing the finger at anyone and everything but ourselves, we are just making excuses and giving our power away.

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There are redemption arcs, and then there’s this.


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I am always amazed at what many people have gone through and still come out better on the other side - despite it all. GOOD FOR YOU !! Should be an inspiration for all.

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I grew up in Watts-LA as a CHILD I remember the fires of the 1960's black smoke and they wouldn't let me out of the house;

Most influential book for me was "malcolmX" autobiography, he talks about how his mother committed suicide cuz the gov took all her children and put them into 'foster homes' ( jails for children )

I got into myself at about 12, spent all my time studying to make bombs&drugs, I liked to blow shit up and of course the hood loved drugs, I made LSD, and just about everything by 14; Started sitting in college classes ( at the back and kept my mouth shut ) at 14 so I could learn more physics, math, & chemistry;

Along the way of studying I spent less&less time on the street and more&more in the library;


Probably the best thing one can do is Get the fuck out of the HELL-ZONE, I left LA to Alaska when I was barely 20 years, and never looked back preceded to get jobs in the OIL-BIZ and just climbed the ladders, shit that took the PHD's months&years I could 'code-up' in a day, having taught myself to program back during my days of sitting in college lecutures, I would go into the computer rooms and read punched cards ( from the garbage bins ) and figure out what they were doing soon I could 'write my own programs' because I knew the 'math' and I could 'program' and I knew the gig of the OIL-BIZ was to find the oil and pump it out of the ground; I took every problem with GUSTO and would work on it 24/7

By the time I was 24 I was bored with tech and especially 'working for the man' quit and started my own businesses kept them small enough so I could go 'sail around the world'

Went back to LA a few times in early 1980's, its seemed worse than I remember; But what I remember most as a 8 year old kid is riding my bike along the LA River in East LA coughing up blood from the smog;

Traveled the entire earth, always 'traveled poor' also slept on train station floors 'near the gypsys' good people, take care of their own, and love music & dancing;


HELL SELF EDUCATE, and then just keep applying for the fucking JOB work a few years just to learn their 'scam and/or gid' then go do it yourself, the biggest LEARN for me was that great majority of the PHD's were lazy incompetent MORONS

Which explains the COVID-19 MD & PHD problem we have today WHY they were so easy to just go along with being MORONS and ignore scientific reality;


I now think that GOV has created a system where parents are just 'prison guards' that often its better for a kids to just 'run away'

Like the OP say's here he could spot a cop at 6, hell yes; My sister at 10 was a professional prostitute, I was so fucking shy of girls that I didn't have my first GF until 19, yet when I was 14 I was fucking girls in a 'train' there were always everynight somewhere where somebody was pulling a train, but you didn't talk you didn't know, you just waited in line with your 'bros' got your turn, and went on with the night;

MY point is they used to put kids 4-6 in factorys and work 12 hours a day, most kids are plenty ready by 6 to ride a bike around the hood deliver drugs collect money, and have their own biz;

I noted properly at that age myself white suits they called businessmen, youths organized they called 'gangs' they were all the same;


On the subject of 'fault', my ex-wife used to say that I had the self-confidence of a rhinoceroses, why not? Just like the guy here say's go apply for the job, 90% of the time your smarter than anybody you will meet in the interview

In closing a perfect explanation on why some people are miserable losers and others are child prodigies is this; There were once two twin brothers both born to alcoholic parents, a psychiatrist interviewed them both; One brother a famous brain-surgeon, another brother a bum living on the street, we called 'skid row' in LA;

When the psych asked the bum brother "Why did you turn out this way?" the bum reported "My parents were alcoholics, what else you expect?"

When the psych asked the brain-surgeon, why did you turn out this way, he said "My parents were alcoholics, what else would you expect? That I would emulate them??"

TWO exact brothers, two exact home-family life experiences and yet two completely different path's in life;

One brother 'learnedhelpless' a fucking loser, the other brother set his targets high and climbed the mountain and never quit, the BUM brother never he stepped off the couch let alone climbing the mountain;


Lastly On EDUCATION at high levels, MALCOLM-X self-educated himself in PRISON not unlike the OP here's story, I self educated my self as a child 12-16 my just living in the library's and hiding at the back of college lectures ; The high-schools, jr-highs were all worthless shit, the teachers for the most part were all lazy morons;

There is a famous quote about a child that wanted to be like "MOZART" when the child was 6 he asked he piano teacher, can you teach me to write a 'CONCERTO" like Mozart did at 3 years of age;

To which the piano teacher replied Mozart didn't ask anybody how to play, or write music or write a concerto he just did it;

That is the difference between a CUCK/Loser and somebody who gets shit done in life "JUST FUCKING DO IT"

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Really like this. I may share this with my 3 teens who struggle with various degrees of motivation, confidence, purpose. Very inspirational. Thank you!

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This made my Friday! Thank you. I didn't go to prison but lived a very similar life in a lot of ways, especially the childhood. People for the most part never thought I would do anything other than end up, institutionalized, incarcerated or dead. Many who were supposed have my best interest as a kid even told me this pretty often, probably because they wanted that for me. I never did any of those things, still haven't. Learned to work in a world with a learning disability that was never addressed by the adults around me despite their ability to do so, no formal education, mostly self taught. Thank you internet and temp agencies before that. I have a stable loving marriage of over a decade, a great relationship with my stepkid and their spouse. I have had to work twice as hard as than most professionally because I don't think like the world does, but I have done it. Because of that I have seen the world and worked for all kinds of powerful, interesting people. I own a great home and a growing business in one of the most competitive places in the US and the world. I have pets and plants I have kept alive for decades. It was hard, I have made huge mistakes at times, mostly because I had no guidance but I still did it. A lot of stuff terrifies me to this day, but I still do it. I have my health, a few good friends very little debt, a home I love and a life I still can't believe I have but here I am. So yeah I've got problems but I do my best every day to deal with them. Right on for getting out there and fighting for a good life. I love reading what you have to say, I look forward to all of your posts. Sure, it isn't a big deal to some to not go to jail, not have massive debt, good health, decent relationships but from where I came from it was monumental to do any of it. I don't make many excuses for myself. I get frustrated at how many times I run across people who have used all kinds of excuses or manipulations to do nothing despite having more education, opportunities and help that I ever did. If I can do something with myself anyone can. You sir are an inspiration.

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"The logical acrobatics people can do to direct the blame for where they are in life to anything other than themselves is astonishing. I'm sorry that I don't believe you. I don't accept your excuses." What an amazing sentence. It is an admonishment we should all follow and every high school student should read before graduating.

While researching a word (which I so grossly misspelled random searches popped up) I came across this item on "The Study of Heroism." You certainly fit the category. https://stanfordmag.org/contents/the-psychology-of-heroism

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Wow! I’m happy for you. It’s an inspiring story.

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Justacon - I’m just curious... was the life of Jesus the inspiration to your new self discovery and commitment towards being your better self???

I appreciate you sharing your story with us! You must know, before you were born and as you faced tragedy throughout your life:

“Indeed the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not be afraid; You are far more valuable than many sparrows.” Luke 12:7

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” Psalm 56:8

Maybe without you knowing it, Jesus has been with you and loved you through everything you’ve experienced. It’s hard to believe in a loving God (Father) when our own birth fathers care not one wit, but our Heavenly Father has proven that He is faithful, my friend. 🙏🏻 Gby and your loved ones as you continue to take the road least traveled... that will lead you to His door!

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