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Not many people know that Thanksgiving is a made up holiday that was created during the civil war. I am indigenous & get to hear from people I normally never hear from on that holiday about how they aren't going to celebrate it. Blah, blah, blah... I straight up tell them that is too bad, but I am. And I am going to have fun! I have a family I spend time with & enjoy. Family is important to us as well especially after what we have been through historically. Maybe they should go enjoy time with their kids instead of pout on social media? If they care so much about us poor indians they can do something like support us economically by becoming a customer of our businesses. When pressed they cannot name one brand we are behind. I go to Pow Wow I don't see to many of them there, I keep an eye out for new things that are created by us so I can use my own $ to help out, that is what will save us more than not eating, getting drunk & watching sports on a Thursday. I doubt any of them are willing to go into work on that day & not get holiday pay for it if they get it off to show "solidarity". Or actually learn about us we are still around. I honestly avoid people when they post that stuff during Thanksgiving they don't care about us & just want to stroke their own ego.

Yeah the demons of women are very strong, they don't get enough attention & it is downright sexist that they don't, I wonder if that will ever change, I hope it does, it needs to. It causes huge problems in society. Sadly, most of the most awful things that have happened to me in my female existence have often been by women, and most were loud, proud, feminists. And still are to this day. I have seen them cheerlead, support and coddle for some of the biggest male predators while punishing victims. I have seen them gleefully destroy other women, if they appear to threaten them in any way shape or form, socially or professionally. I suspect that is why there is so much mediocrity in our culture right now. Despite all of the protesting women middle manage so much out there and have tremendous power. And at least in our culture have so much compared to a lot of women in this the world, but they don't bother to know this because they would have to get out of their own comfort to learn it.

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It is simply not true that Madeline Albright opined that the deaths of an estimated 500,000 Iraqi children were worth achieving US objectives. Rather, she responded to a question that contained the premise that "we've heard" that this has happened, while failing in the moment to adequately refute the "half a million" charge because she did not understand it or did not realize that it was meant seriously. She said "the price is worth it." But the actual price was nowhere near 500,000 dead kids and she knew that.

Iraqi claims of mass death under sanctions were falsified. Study data was faked. Morgues stockpiled and froze childrens' corpses, then released them for regime-organized mass funerals held in front of foreign media. All of this has since been documented in numerous papers, editorials, and magazine and news pieces. In reality it is deeply unclear how to even count the effect of sanctions because so much else was going on. But basically, it's clear that Iraqi child mortality was never anywhere near that bad.

Albright's mishandling of a press question is irrelevant and simply a propaganda technique used by the likes of Noam Chomsky. It has literally nothing to do with anything and there is no legitimate reason to even bring it up except to debunk it.

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Damn. This article made me feel some type of way. A sudden sadness, but a good sadness, if that makes sense. I know that it relates to the nursery rhyme. When I was younger I added onto the ending. The only thing I can remember is

Give me wiggly worms and fish that bite

But also let me see fireflies in the darkest night. I'm taking my great granddaughter on her first deer hunt tomorrow, maybe I'll remember the rest.

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