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The Bill of Rights clearly doesn't prohibit capital punishment. No one at the time of ratification believed that, and I think the recent Bruen decision might whittle away at the concept of "evolving standards".

Since my car was recently stolen, I personally think we should hang car thieves in the public square. I would pull the lever.

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Great post, I personally agree with capitol punishment.

1. We talk about how cruel killing someone is, but let me ask this? Is it any less cruel than keeping them locked up like caged animals until they die in prison? For the record some deserve to be taken out of public circulation for life.

2. Are there people that are falsely imprisoned on death row....yes. However, i believe today, that number is shrinking with new convictions with the technology available.

I also believe that in the long run the justice system is more right than wrong. Is there corruption in the system, yes. Any system ran by humans will be, but I believe it's corruption is in favor of the wealthy and famous, and not falsely imprisoning people.

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Outside of abortion, no issue vexes me quite like Capital Punishment. The libertarian in me says of course the state has no right to take a life. But the Neanderthal in me thinks there are some crimes that are so heinous, the very existence of the perpetrator constitutes an offense to decency.

I guess I support the idea, but with VERY limited application.

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