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Well stated! I have been saying for months that the way Russia is fighting this War is different from any War they have fought in modern History. They are bound to face setbacks and have to adjust. The tactics they are using, for lack of a better way to say it, are more similar to fighting an American Style War, then a Russian one. Russia is used to either completely BULL DOZING over their enemy or funding resistance from the Shadows. They tried the shadows for the last 8 years, clearly that didn't work. They can't Bull Doze through because the Russian people would be full on Revolt. We have been lied to constantly about this War by the MSM and those in Political Office. "The Ghost of Kiev", "Snake Island 13", Ms. Ukraine staying to fight, when she was clearly holding an AIRSOF RIFFLE to name a few. I am sorely disappointed by statements from people like Dan Crenshaw, as well as many others, who have this hardon for anything Anti-Russia that they allow themselves to be decieved through quite obvious lies, imo.

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makes me laugh when you hear American so called military experts saying Russia is losing, Russia is retreating. Russia is not America which invades a country, carpet bombs it into oblivion and wants to take a hill for no other reason than the enemy currently have it. To the Russians - land is meaningless if it has no value. America think they have won if they have a higher body count than the enemy. Russia is making a point of only going after infrastructure and not civilians, unlike the Ukrainian Army that, even to this day, shells civilian buildings in the Donbas, something they have endured since 2014. The western press reports 3 Ukrainians killed in a Russian missile strike, while on the same day 80 ethnic Russians in the Donbas are killed by Ukrainian shells - complete silence from the west

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Nicely stated...we don't get these facts from the people who are supposed to report them....instead we get labeled extremists for pointing them out...

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