Much of what we hear from these people like sex assigned at birth seems like these people are operating on the belief system people had back in the 1800s.

You can now find out the sex of your baby from the mothers blood at about 12 weeks. So not only is the sex not assigned but it can be known very early in the pregnancy as well.

And this notion of why can’t we change language, take away everybody’s right to free speech and religious and personal beliefs, dehumanize and degrade women, confuse & manipulate children, not to mention force us all to lie, which is a mortal sin so someone can feel better about themselves it’s not only ridiculous it’s totally unsustainable.

What about the kindness for the vast majority of people who do not believe in this?

I truly feel sorry for people who are confused & depressed but your rights don’t trump mine! Just as those who have religious beliefs navigate life with others who do not affirm nor adhere to their belief system, these people must learn to accept they cannot force all of us to believe in their religion as well!

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Excellent Piece!!! Bravo....100% on it....

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