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Wow--great article, and a great example of self-awareness that led to a very humble posture. May we all act that way in our various contexts!

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In context versus out of context everyday! 😁👏👏👏 “Context is for kings.” I love it! 🩷 What a healthy way to write. If only our bodies line up with our imaginations!!!😁😇😃

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And the current cover of the transsexual man underlines the authoritarian diktat that the media shove on us as Peterson correctly called.

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Good stuff!

I am fat. I realize that. It's mostly a function of taking in the same amount of calories I did when I was a competitive powerlifter while no longer being physically able to powerlift.

I have lost weight before, but it only stays off if I constantly concentrate on food intake. My productivity drops across the board when I do that. So I have made the semi-conscious choice to not obsess over my weight.

It'll take a few years off of my life, but it's my life and no one else's.

It's not something I would encourage for others---but I sure as hell am not going to butt into their business.

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