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As someone whose family fell apart after I found out my dad was a paedophile, I have not slept properly in well over two years. The police never did anything, the courts said evidence was too late, and they have not informed the people he lives with or the schools nearby. About 500 kids walk past his front door ever weekday. I have PTSD from him stalking us when we all fled the family home, and to this day I still struggle to answer the front door.

I initially wrote a much longer comment, detailing some other things about him, but I'm not up for sharing it all yet.

I just wanted to say that even through all my rage and guilt over not protecting my family when I was a child myself when the worst of it happened, I can see your point. It is a difficult point to make in a world where black and white thinking is taking prevalence over all else. But I am glad you made it.

But I still think paedophiles who harm a child should be killed. Once they actually harm a child, there is really no point in working with them. Resources will be better spent healing the children they harmed.

But until that point, when a potential abuser is accessing images online, there should be some intervention that offers to reprogram or medicate them. I find it horrid to think about, but in reality I know that pushing a behaviour under the rug and pretending it isn't there only gives it room to spread and worsen. Paedophilia is a cancer inside society, and your idea, to get these people to come forward before their behaviour worsens, might be a decent medicine.

Thanks for writing this,

- Phillip

There are some genuinely evil people out there, for whom paedophilia is just another facet of their evil. But I am willing to believe some might be salvageable. No idea how it could be done, but I'd like to imagine it is possible.

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