This is one of the most poetically articulate pieces I've ever read on the subject. A companion piece I'd like to share with you (it was a bit too long for Wrong Speak) -


Fantastic article, Judson. ZL

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Thanks for that very handsome compliment. The article did not seem to gain much traction by comments- but I will take yours, ha.

I felt I was going a bit against the grain. Necessary, though.

Thanks for reading Zephareth,


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I'm not surprised - many people are turned off at the notion of atheism and would prefer to close themselves off to open conversation about the questions it presents. Hence the "low traction" - we live in a world where most folks only listen to what they want to hear, to try to confirm their pre-existing views. The article I shared with you was written about a year ago (different perspective, similar concept), but at 1400 words I chose not to whittle it down for publication. Love to hear what you think. Regards, ZL

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