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Comment - Amazingly well written aritcle that expresses the different forms of yet another form of coercion used to separate and identify the outliers in society and in different organizations. It took several years for the propaganda to subside enough to allow the "other" truth to emerge and now, you have a child - maybe one of the few in America - who is not poisioned for a lifetime. Bravo and brave work - and thanks for the inspiration as it appears on the horizon that there is another round of "coercion" mandates on the horizon in 2023. Americans - courage comes in the most unexpected ways and times. Here, your fleeing a state/community overflowing with negativity was the first. The 2nd was holding fast in the face of rudeness, shaming, humiliation, illegal threats (even if you didn't know they were acting illegally). Many of us have been through it and it seems to be an increased and popular political control tactic to kow free citizens as though we lived in a dictatorship. Thank you for calling out this "shaming" process used to illegitimately control us. Your article points out also leadership - but also perhaps a need for local community support to resist. Resistance takes courage. And Fortitude. And Prayer.

Blessing especially on you and your husband for informing us here -- as we all stand on this new 'edge' of vaccination tyranny looming AGAIN on the American horizon. Masking? NEVER AGAIN.

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Thank you for bearing such eloquent witness to the coercion so many of us faced. I was coerced, not by my employer, but by my father’s cancer docs. Despite my showing them antibody tests demonstrating I’d recovered and had immunity, I was told to get the vaccine or not be in the same room as my Dad for 9 months. I took it, and suffered 13 months of debilitating fatigue and brain fog that left me unable to work, or get out of bed.

The only “silver lining” if I can call it that is that 2 days after my 2nd shot I was “allowed” to be at Dad’s bedside as he died from sepsis in the hospital. My unvaccinated husband had to sit in the lobby, alone, while the man he loved like a father, died.

I so admire your strength and fortitude and courage to do the right thing in the face of such pressure. 🙏

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